Real Food

A collection of resources and information about Real Food

Cultured/Fermented Foods
How To Make Your Kefir Taste Extra Yummy, how-to second fermentation
Ripening Kefir under AirLock, how-to second fermentation

Behind the Egg Labels: What Do They Really Mean?, article

Grass-Fed/Pastured Meat
Buying Meat Directly From a Farmer: 7 Things You Need to Know, article
Debunking the meat/climate change myth, article
K & M Farms, farm selling chicken, turkey
Pasture to Plate, outlet for farm selling beef, pork, lamb, duck, chicken
Sumas Mountain Farms, farm selling beef, chicken, eggs, pet food

Organic/Sustainable Farming
Organic and Sustainable Farmers Can Feed the World, article, Mercola's take
Organic and Sustainable Farmers Can Feed the World, full article at Organic Consumers Association

Raw Milk
Bovinity, website 
Home on the Range Farm, raw milk shares
Real Milk, website

Real Food Blogs/Writers
Cultured Food Life Blog, recipes, cultured foods, GAPS friendly
Dom's Kefir Site, website, kefir & other fermented foods
Elana's Pantry, gluten free & GAPS friendly recipes 
Fit Bomb, paleo diet
Health, Home, & Happiness, GAPS friendly, recipes, traditional diet 
Living It Up Corn Free, GAPS friendly, recipes
Mark's Daily Apple, primal diet, GAPS friendly, recipes 
Whole Nine, paleo diet

Specialty and/or Organic Meat
JD Farms, farm selling specialty turkey