A hodgepodge of other things I find interesting.

Skin Deep: The Cosmetic Safety Database, website
The Story of Cosmetics, short video
The Story of Cosmetics: Frequently Asked Questions, article, pdf
The Story of Cosmetics: Personal Care Products Myths and Facts, article, pdf

Chickens Are Omnivores: It’s No Dilemma, article

Corn Allergen List, alternate names for GMO corn hiding in your food 
GMO corn is everyone's problem!, article and short video
GMOs in Pasture Raised Meat, article
Living Corn Free, article on avoiding GMO corn in food
Non-GMO Shopping Guide, pdf

Food For Thought: Meat-Based Diet Made Us Smarter

Plastics in Our Oceans, article 

Reducing Consumption
The Story of Stuff, a short video telling the story of everyday goods from the extraction of raw resources to the disposal of used items