Setting Up the Shop Lights

The shop lights are set up on the bottom shelf. I haven't bought lights for the other shelf yet. I want to experiment first. Didn't get around to planting a tray... that's what tomorrow is for, right?

Shining away on Disaster Tray.

Disaster Tray is a story for another day. Maybe tomorrow.

Those skinny mini lights... not sure how they are going to work. When I first arranged them I had them evenly spaced out and there were shadows at each end of the tray. The Fiance sorted me out by pulling the lights apart more and now they seem to be giving fairly even coverage.


Up close and personal with Disaster Tray.

But who knows, maybe I'll have to arrange them like this.

Coulda taken that chunk of cardboard out.

However they get arranged, I can still fit FOUR trays per shelf. Magical fantasticness! And if I really can't stand not knowing how evenly the light is falling I can always take out my lovely light meter, that barely sees the light of day, and take a few readings. I have a feeling future microgreens are going to tell me exactly what is happening.


  1. What is growing in your first tray? They look very leggy and like they need to be closer to the lights. I actually have a seedling cage set up in my bathroom to protect it from our cats but haven't used it for a couple of years. I need to plant something in there like lettuce and Swiss chard! You have inspired me, thank you!

  2. That would be Disaster Tray. I'm going to blog a warning to all novice microgreen growers soon. No one should experience Disaster Tray the first time they try to grow microgreens.
    What is a seedling cage? Lettuce and Swiss chard are fantastic!