Full-Gaps Day 90 (Pre-Intro)

Wow, time kinda got away from me.

I was feeling crappy for a while so I took a break from blogging. Then time passed and I wasn't feeling so horrid, but I still wasn't blogging. Then I'd start thinking about getting back to blogging and realized I really didn't want to. After more thought, I realized that it was the format I was using. It's boring me to tears. It's good to see my progress all layed out, but if I can't make myself sit down and record it, it isn't very useful, right?

We are still doing Full GAPS. Even fuller now as we have reintroduced raw dairy. I'm doing fabulous on dairy and am super happy to have it be part of my diet again. I'm also being super picky about what kind of dairy I'm ingesting. Next time you're in the supermarket, pick up a carton of whip cream or yogurt and check out the ingredients. "What's that?" you say, "Whip cream has ingredients? Shouldn't it be 100% cream?" You would think, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

So, we are sticking to dairy that is either raw or has no "additives". To note, I consider the mysterious "milk ingredients" to be an additive as they most likely contain milk powders which aren't good for you, plus who knows where they are sourced from.

Anyway, I'm done with the structured blog for now. I can still record how I'm feeling,what we eat, and recipes and all that yazz.

Tonight I'm too tired. It's bed time. I'll start my post earlier tomorrow.

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