Full-Gaps Day 55 (Pre-Intro)

-fresh peach
-coffee, black

-tomato & cucumber w/salt & pepper

-raw yogurt (had it twice, it was soooooo good)

-bison pepperoni (GAPS legal)
-raw carrot sticks
-Beef broth

-1 tsp Magnesium Citrate (Natural Calm) in the morning
(I've forgotten to take this for the last couple of days, but will resume tomorrow)

Week 4 of dairy re-introduction: raw yogurt
OMGosh! We got raw yogurt through our cow share for the first time and it is unbelievable! Thick and creamy and unlike anything I attempted to make on my own. This is the best yogurt I have eaten in my entire life. Seriously.
We tried a bit of yogurt a while back (at a Greek restaurant) and had no reaction so I've been kind of (ahem) gorging on this stuff since I picked it up yesterday.

Energy Level:


Brain Power:

Back pain:
A little achy.

Foot pain:
Very mild in both feet.

Knee Pain:


Day of cycle:

Last nights sleep:
Very good (compared to the last couple of weeks). I think I got a solid 7 hours.

So, I'm a bit behind posting. Thought I should do today at least and I hope to catch up on the days I missed tomorrow. 
I got blasted by the wedding. Don't get me wrong, I had a fab time. Loads of fun. It's just the stress and anxiety leading up to it and then the stress and anxiety on the day wipe me out for a week at least. I'm still not right. A few more days maybe.

The Fiancé is spending a couple of days at his dad's fixing computers so I get to record my atrocious eating habits while he's away. Pretty scary.

He is going to another wedding this weekend. It's a destination one and I've opted to not go. I would have liked to, but I'm just not up to it. Maybe after a few more months on GAPS I'll have enough energy to plan some time away. Crossing my fingers.

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