The Best Coffee

Yes, I know I have adrenal fatigue and should be avoiding coffee altogether. I'm just not there yet. Here is how I justify my coffee addiction...by drinking really good coffee. Ta-da!

I make mine in a cheap-o French Press I got from Ikea years ago. The price has come down on them a further $10, so I'm not sure of the current quality. I love mine though.

All coffee is not created equal. I make sure the stuff I buy is organic, fairly traded, Swiss water decaffeinated, whole bean, and shade grown.

Next is taste. My two current faves are Kicking Horse Coffee and Salt Spring Coffee.

My press holds 1 litre of liquid so the following instructions are for that. To make it, place 5 level tbsp of beans into your coffee grinder. I pulse 9 times. Not sure how that originated, but it makes the perfect grind.

Dump the ground beans into your French Press. Pour almost, but not quite, boiling water over your beans to within 3/4" from the top. Take a long handled spoon and give the grounds and water a little stir. Then rest the press part of your press over the top of the liquid. Do not press down yet!

Not sure what's with the 9s, but wait 9 minutes and then press the press down slowly. Yay! Coffee.

I sweeten mine with a hint of honey, maybe a 1/4 tsp. We are off dairy right now otherwise I might be seen putting a drop or two of cream into it as well.

Maybe if I made crappy coffee I'd have a better time getting myself off of it... something to think about :-)

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