Full-Gaps Day 68 (Pre-Intro)

-fresh peach 
-coffee, with honey

-Left over Chicken Salad from yesterday
-Leftover Grain Free Tabouli
-Leftover Boozy Flank Steak
-kalamata olives

-crispy hazelnuts & walnuts
-coconut macaroons (the recipe was a flop so I'll post it when I work out the kinks)

-Classic Drop Biscuits with raw butter, mayo, mustard, and leftover Boozy Flank Steak
-steamed beans with butter & unprocessed salt
-Simple Veggie Salad (tomato, avocado & lime)

-1 tsp Magnesium Citrate (Natural Calm) with breakfast
-1 tsp Magnesium Citrate (Natural Calm) with dinner
No foot or leg cramps last night.

Week 5 of dairy reintroduction: nothing new this week

Energy Level:
Good. I'm finally waking up feeling refreshed again. We'll see for how long :-)


Brain Power:

Back pain:
You bet. No low back pain today, but loads of between the shoulder blades pain while working in the kitchen.

Foot pain:
Mild in both feet.

Knee Pain:
A bit in the left knee when sitting.


Day of cycle:
?? What happened to my reset button? Last month was only 29 days.

Last nights sleep:
Good! I love the times of the month when I am sleeping well. I feel so much more productive.

Holy cow! We had a sandwich for dinner tonight! The first honest to goodness pick it up and eat it with your hands sandwich. No wheat was harmed during this meal :]

Speaking of cows, our cow share is under attack, again.
Here's a little of what' going on out there...

What is white, frothy, and illegal to sell in B.C.?


B.C. judge orders Alice Jongerden not to milk the cows 

Thank you, Alice, for taking this on. I know you didn't ask to be thrust into the spotlight. You're doing a wonderful job!

Poor Fraser Health doesn't understand the community Alice has created around our cows and the precious milk they produce. Our share members will band together to support each other and do their best to ensure each of us keeps getting our property. We won't let a little Contempt of Court get us down.

This fight has become more about basic personal rights than actual access to a truly healthy food. Deny people their rights and you are going to have a revolution on your hands. Well, maybe a change in law anyway.

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