Full-Gaps Day 61 (Pre-Intro)

-Bison cranberry pepperoni, from Choices, GAPS legal
-fresh pineapple
-coffee, with honey

-Spicy Deviled Eggs
-Cucumber Salad

-crispy almonds
-dried dates and figs
-raw yogurt
-Beef broth

-Spicy Meatloaf
-Steamed Brussels sprouts and green beans with butter and meatloaf "juice"
-homemade sauerkraut (white cabbage, yellow onion, garlic & fresh dill)

-1 tsp Magnesium Citrate (Natural Calm) in the morning

Week 5 of dairy re-introduction: pasteurized butter 
So far we are eating ghee, raw butter, raw yogurt, and now pasteurized butter. I use pasteurized butter to cook with or on anything steaming hot.
The Fiancé and I are both doing fine with all of the dairy introduced so far.

Energy Level:
Super-low. I'm part zombie.


Brain Power:

Back pain:
Better today, but for the last few days my low back has been spasming. Not fun.

Foot pain:
Mild in both feet.

Knee Pain:


Day of cycle:

Last nights sleep:
Good, but got woken up out of a deep sleep by the construction crew wanting into our place this morning at 8:30am. I'm usually up by then so I guess I needed the extra sleep. I've felt dismal all day. Stumbling around and brain dead. Going to bed early tonight.

OK, the wedding plus the "time of the month" have really kicked my behind. I'm still crazy low and tired. I can't even think about catching up on past posts, which sucks, but whatcha gonna do?

I keep going to bed and thinking the next morning will bring some relief and I'll feel better. And then I don't.

We've past 60 days on GAPS! I still plan on writing a 60 day update because despite all of my griping there have been numerous improvements and I want to document them.

I've also had major sugar cravings today. So who knows, maybe this is die-off tied up into everything else too. I haven't had cravings this harsh since we first started GAPS... I kinda forgot about them. I'll make us coconut flour pancakes tomorrow or maybe some almond flour cookies and see if that doesn't kill those cravings dead.

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