30 Day Summary

Wow, we've been doing Full GAPS for 30 whole days. That was my initial intent for our original commitment. Progressing through the month, reading and learning, I started to realize that one month was going to be the tip of a ginormus iceberg. I can tell things (hormones) are shifting, but I am no where close to being even remotely healed. In fact, I am sure most people looking into my little world would think that I've slid backwards. Nope, I haven't, but I can see how it would appear that way.

When we started GAPS we started at the fullest of full GAPS. We are eating everything on the allowed list. In a day or so our dairy elimination will be over and I plan on adding dairy food back into our legal list. Yes, I will be introducing them slowly. As much as I want to go gangbusters and scarf a brick of cheese I can see how that wouldn't be in my best interest.

My hope is that GAPS is going to be a part of the solution that leads to healing my Adrenal Fatigue (AF). Everyday with AF is a battle with lethargy. I have good days, sometimes even weeks, but the bad ones are always ready to reassert their dominance.

The idea of die-off reactions and the flu-like symptoms associated with them didn't sound too hot to a lady that often feels low. I started Full GAPS with the idea of easing myself into it. To slowly kill off the bad guys. To avoid feeling crappier than my normal lows. Ha ha on me. I've already experienced a significant healing crisis. I can't imagine if we had started with intro. I probably wouldn't be able to function at all.

As it is, after 30 days on Full GAPS I feel about the same as I did before starting it. I've noticed some days my back doesn't hurt. Bonus. I've noticed my moods have further stabilized in that I don't have fly-off-the-handle rage episodes. I have a better ability to reign it in now. Double bonus. I've been able to handle cravings for grains and starches, which I previously thought might be impossible. Triple bonus.

On the not-so-great side of things, I am more tired. In the past I've had a roughly defined cycle of 2 good weeks followed by 2 bad weeks floating around my period. It seems things have shifted or I'm always stuck in the middle and not feeling great, but not feeling horrible either.

I'm more anxious. This was a newer AF symptom for me. It was what prompted me to rethink the healing path I was on and dig deeper. My anxiety seems to manifest as downstairs digestive disturbances that send me running for the nearest toilet and afraid to leave my home for extended periods. Someday I plan to look back on this and find it hilarious. It's pretty funny now, but not quite hilarious.

I'm more emotional. I've never been one to burst into tears and I find myself feeling like it might happen at times and for no apparent reason.

I started spotting mid-cycle. That has never happened to me before. Never ever. It did worry me, but I Googled the heck out of it and managed to convince myself that it was probably a result of shifting hormones and not a lethal disease. The fact that it started happening after a couple of weeks on GAPS helped to reassure me.

Really, all of my complaints can be directed back to changes in hormone levels. GAPS is a powerful thing. Nothing I've tried in the past to heal my AF has prompted this sort of hormonal shift so quickly. Initially I thought July would be a fullest of the Full GAPS, August would be a tapering down of advanced foods with the intent of starting intro in September. Now I am of the mindset to keep doing what we are doing for another month to see what happens. It's my goal to move toward doing intro and experiencing the elimination component of the diet, as I'd like to see what The Fiancé and I react to, but I'm in no hurry. Lets see where the hormones fall now that GAPS has shaken them up.

Speaking of The Fiancé, his comments paraphrased by moi.

-Haven't had to use inhaler for asthma in the last week. Prior to GAPS used it about every 48 hours. Have felt a bit of tightness in chest, but not enough to use inhaler and it seems to resolve on it's own.

-Was used to NT type diet previous to GAPS and at first felt like I wasn't getting enough food. Still feel a bit "munchie", but not as bad. Nuts help.

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