Full-Gaps Day 33 (Pre-Intro)

-coffee with honey
-fresh peach

-Salmon salad with fresh dill and hot banana pepper stuffed in sweet banana peppers with crispy hazelnuts and walnuts on top.
-Bubbies pickle

-Coconutty Treat

-Honey Garlic Roasted Chicken Breast
-Sesame Gai Lan 
-Homemade Sauerkraut
-blueberries and a Coconutty Treat for dessert

-1 tsp Magnesium Citrate (Natural Calm)

Week 1 of dairy re-introduction: Ghee
No ghee today, we'll try it again tomorrow.

Energy Level:
OK this morning.
Petered out this afternoon, but had a second wind in time to cook dinner.


Brain Power:
Better than fuzzy. Garbling my words a bit.

Back pain:
No back pain this morning.
Didn't get the between the shoulder blade pain until I was cleaning up AFTER dinner. That was nice. This afternoon when I was doing stuff in the kitchen it was thinking about hurting, but didn't get there. 
And the whole cleaning up after dinner thing only happened because I managed to get dinner on the table early enough that I didn't feel like a zombie and ready for bed immediately after eating. Probably a good idea to keep up with that.

Foot pain:
Mild pain in both feet through the day.

Knee Pain:
Mild pain in left knee when climbing stairs or sitting.


Day of cycle:

Last nights sleep:
Ok, it took a while to fall asleep because I knew I had to get up with an alarm this morning. Weird how that keeps me from sleeping.
There is going to be an alarm tomorrow too. I'm trying, gasp, to get up earlier. I get more done in the day and usually feel better in the morning.

After 6 months of treating my Adrenal Fatigue I started developing a new symptom, anxiety. So, 2 months before I started GAPS I stopped taking all of my supplements and started searching for what was missing from my healing regime.

I think a big part of it is having a healthy digestive tract and the ability to properly breakdown and utilize nutrients as they are ingested. The more I learn about GAPS and small intestine inflammation, the more I realize there are a lot of people out there suffering from a multitude of diseases and health conditions needlessly.

For a while now I've felt like my toes and feet are going to cramp, they have once or twice, but mostly they just feel like they're going to. That and The Fiancé has been asking to restart our magnesium supplement is why I've decided to start taking it again.

I'm not sure how well it will work with compromised digestion. I guess we'll see.

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