Full-Gaps Day 46 (Pre-Intro)

-coffee, black
-fresh nectarine

-Leftover Curry Roast Chicken
-Leftover Greek salad
-Bubbies Pickle
-beef broth

-Crispy walnuts
-dried fig

-Left over Curry Roast Chicken
-Leftover Greek salad, no feta

-1 tsp Magnesium Citrate (Natural Calm) in the morning

Week 3 of dairy re-introduction: nothing new :-)

Energy Level:


Brain Power:

Back pain:
No low back pain this morning.
No between the shoulder blades pain.

Foot pain:
Very mild pain in both feet through the day.

Knee Pain:
Very mild pain in right knee when sitting.


Day of cycle:

Last nights sleep:

The Fiancé realized something interesting recently.

He had a tooth that was abscessing and painful. The dentist wanted to do a root canal so we looked into healing it naturally. Doing a Traditional diet plus adding the healing foods suggested in Ramiel Nagel's book, Cure Tooth Decay, brought down the inflammation and abscess and alleviated his pain. The most dramatic change was brought about by Ramiel's Tooth Infection Halting Recipe (part way down the page).

Anyway, what he has realized is that every time he has to use his inhaler for asthma his tooth flares up again. A little raw grass-fed beef solves this, but it keeps happening. He is down to weekly puffs on his inhaler since starting GAPS from once every 48 hours. 

It makes me wonder what is in the inhaler that is causing his dental woes. Also, he has horrible teeth. Lots of cavities. Both of our parents fed us pretty well as children. He had asthma and had to take medication for it throughout his childhood. I didn't. He has a mouthful of cavities and I don't have any.

My mom wouldn't allow my younger brother or I to have fluoride treatments as children. Again, I have no cavities and my brother has just gotten his first one. Interesting? I think so. Especially since my brother eats SAD.

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