Coconutty Treats

This is my GAPS legal version of The Nourishing Gourmet's Nourishing and Scrumptious "Mounds" Candy Bars. Which are absolutely deadly, by the way. TNG is one of my favorite sites for recipes. She's a creative force in the "real food" cooking world.

We can't have chocolate, yet, so I basically made the bottoms only. I changed the size, I did them in a mini muffin tin and it made 16. It probably would have made a few more, but my tin holds 16 so I made it work. I've done them in regular size muffin tins and they were too big for us. I should say they were too big for me, I don't remember The Fiancé complaining.

The ingredients were pretty much the same except I used vanilla extract instead of almond extract, I added 1/8 tsp unprocessed salt, and I like to mix it up with the nuts. I use any combo or type of crispy nut I have on hand. Today's were cripsy hazelnuts. Yum.

Oh ya, make sure you use a good quality virgin coconut oil. They'll taste bad if you don't.

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