Full-Gaps Day 50 (Pre-Intro)

-nothing (oops)

-coffee, with honey
-eggs fried in ghee with unprocessed salt and fresh ground black pepper
-homemade ketchup

-dried apricots

-leftover Spicy Meatloaf
-Easy Coleslaw 
-red wine

-1 tsp Magnesium Citrate (Natural Calm) in the morning

Week 3 of dairy re-introduction: raw butter
So far so good with the raw butter. No measurable reaction with either of us.

Energy Level:


Brain Power:

Back pain:
None. (???)

Foot pain:

Knee Pain:
Very mild pain in left knee when sitting or climbing stairs.


Day of cycle:

Last nights sleep:
I think I fell asleep somewhere around 4am and woke up at 9am. Wow, a little bit of sleep makes a HUGE difference.

Oh my gosh,  I feel so much better today. I can't wait to get a real nights sleep. Maybe tonight, since I'm feelin' pretty good (wine induced) I hope I'll be able to fall asleep without laying there and staring off into the great big nothing. (As in, it's dark and my eyes are bad)

That reminds me, at my last optometrist appointment my prescription improved. My prescription before was:
Right eye -9.25
Left eye -8.5

This time it was
Right eye -7.5
Left eye -7.0

The optometrist was shocked at how much my prescription had changed for the better. I asked her what she thought would account for that. 

She didn't have an answer.

She mumbled something about eyes getting better as we age, but when I pressed her on that opinion she wouldn't back it up.

Then she said maybe my last prescription was wrong, but I know that can't be the case. First, my vision using the glasses from that prescription was great, until recently when I noticed things were getting blurry.

Second, that doc was recommended to me by The Fiancé's best bud and I trust his opinion.

So, if there was nothing wrong with my prescription why did my vision improve? Well, I have my own theories. The main one is that I started taking fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) which is high is fat soluble vitamin A. I'm not taking it currently because I cut out all supplements after I stopped my Adrenal Fatigue treatment. As soon as we reintroduce Butter Oil I will resume taking the FCLO.

Between that and eating a Nourishing Traditions/Weston Price type diet, I think that is what improved my vision. It is absolutely amazing what your body can do for you when you give it the nutrients it needs to heal.

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