Full-Gaps Day 20 (Pre-Intro)

-crispy almonds, Nourishing Traditions pg. 515
-crispy walnuts, Nourishing Traditions pg. 513
-dried apricots

-Salad with mixed greens, cabbage, cilantro, and olive oil w/lemon for dressing
-restaurant decaf w/ honey


-Oven BBQ'd Chicken Thighs
-Carrot Fries w/ Curry Mayo Dip

Day 17 no dairy

Energy Level:
OK this morning. Had to get up and go somewhere so I was able to force some energy. I might pay for the excursion tomorrow... or I might tonight. We'll see.
I was OK this evening. Not good energy, but not low.

Much better today.

Back pain:
Didn't feel stiff this morning.
Slept weird on my neck, again, so it's a little sore.
Pain was back between my shoulder blades while working in the kitchen.
Hmm... maybe I have an allergy to housework. Wonder if The Fiancé would buy that?

Foot pain:
Mild pain in both feet.
Had a few sharp pains in my right foot this morning, again.

Knee Pain:
Mild pain in left knee when climbing stairs or sitting.


Day of cycle:
(.) weirdness. Still spotting.

Last nights sleep:
Good, but I had lots of crazy dreams.

After a few weeks of avoiding restaurants I found myself eating from them twice within 24 hours. That's life right? I'll be able to resume my avoidance tomorrow. 

Forgot our chicken broth again today. Also need to remember to get fermented foods into the menu daily.

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