Full-Gaps Day 19 (Pre-Intro)

-apricots, fresh
-coffee w/honey

-Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, orange bell peppers, kalamata olives, fresh pineapple, and Crispy Almonds and Walnuts
-Annies Goddess Dressing, not GAPS legal, but needed to get rid of it. (contains soy sauce)
-Chicken Broth


-Prawn Souvlaki
-Greek Salad, no feta
-red wine

Day 16 no dairy

Energy Level:
Really didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Still feel tired.
Stayed tired for the rest of the day. Drat.

A little crabby, but not bad.
Umm... got a little more testy as the day progressed. The wine with dinner helped.

Back pain:
Back was stiff again this morning like usual.
Neck feels better.
Was too tired to do much in the kitchen today so no pain between the shoulder blades.

Foot pain:
Mild pain in both feet.
Had a few sharp pains in my right foot this morning.

Knee Pain:
Mild pain in left knee when climbing stairs or sitting.


Day of cycle:
(.) weirdness. Spotting has resumed. Gonna have to Google this.
Googled it and I'm going to go with hormonal changes. It was the least scary. Adopting a wait-and-see approach.

Last nights sleep:
Good, but I stayed up too late.

Brain is foggy again today. I've cut down on some responsibilities that were weighing on me and now don't feel as overwhelmed.

In all, I'm really surprised how easy it's been to give up grains. I imagined it being almost painful, but I haven't really thought about bread that much. There were a few days where I felt a craving, but it seems to have gone away with using the coconut flour pancakes.

Today was The Fiancé's and my 9 year anniversary. Yikes. Time to get married or what? We ordered out tonight for the first time since starting GAPS. Excuses? My head was fuzzy plus it was a special day and nice to not have to cook.

We quizzed the restaurant to make sure we wouldn't be cheating. The Fiancé had roast lamb and I had prawn souvlaki. Both of us had Greek salad without feta. The meal was GAPS legal, but expensive for what we got. The prawns were probably not acquired sustainably or from clean waters and who knows where the lamb came from. It was still a nice break after 18 days of making 3-4 meals a day :-)

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